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          公司熱線: 15163658777


          設備特點:This machine characteristics

          The production line used pasteurization process, applicable to pickled vegetables, cold meat, sour milk products, jellies and other food and beverages low-temperature sterilization. Process: sterilization - cooling - cleaning - drying, can be equipped with sterilization curve logger to monitor the production process, to automatically and efficiently, the production of health and safety purpose. Conveyor, sterilization machine, cooling machine and wind (drying) machine do the whole flow continuous operation, automatic control. 
          Output :0.5 --- 5 tons / hour (based on sterilization time for 5-10 minutes).

          適用范圍:Sphere of application

          This machine is suitable for packaging vegetables, pickled vegetables sterilization, low temperature meat products after the second sterilization packaging, beverage sterilization and blanching vegetables and so on.